February 5, 2023

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Learning about the top 7 charts in investment business

Learning about the top 7 charts in investment business

Traders need to know about the charts so that they can make the decision. They should try to know about the different types of charts. Many traders start trading instantly. They do not know how to read the charts. In the market, to make a wise decision, it’s really important to understand how to take the action so that traders can get the benefits. Traders need to do the technical analysis properly. If they can become technically skilled, they do not know how to get success.

In this post, traders may need to know the seven types of Forex charts. If they can know about the seven types of Forex charts. So, you should know about these.

Tick charts

Most of the traders don’t check the tick charts. Sometimes, traders must try to know about the issues. A tick chart draws the bar depending on the number of transactions. However, traders don’t use the tick charts because they find it difficult. Sometimes, Forex brokers do not provide the right information. For this reason, they may face trouble. However, if they can learn about it, they might get the success.

Bar charts

In the real trading world, bar charts are popular among traders. They must try to know about the charts. The bar chart consists of a vertical line. There is a small point on the left which shows the opening level. However, traders must try to understand, if they can read the chart properly, they might become successful. There is one small point in the right of the vertical bar which indicating the closing level. Click to read more about the bar charts. Once you know its function, you will realize it is very similar to the candlestick charts used in trading industry.

Candlestick chart

Many traders use the price action strategy. They must know about the Japanese candlestick pattern. However, they need to properly gain knowledge about it. However, candlestick patterns have two important things. One is the body and another is the shadows. The body is the price action between the opening and closing price. The body becomes red during the bearish trading days. And, the body becomes green during the bullish trading days. The candlestick has upper shadows and lower shadows. The shadows mainly help to know about what the price action chart was. There are some famous candlestick patterns. They are bullish and bearish engulfing, piercing and dark-cloud cover, gravestone doji, doji, southern doji, northern doji, and so on.


By using the Heiken-Ashi chart, traders may easily spot the trend. However, they need to understand, how to use the charts. Most of the time, professional traders use this chart. In Japanese, it is called the average bar.


Renko means brick. The chart is mainly used to measure the price movement of the currency pair. However, if the price changes certainly, the Renko chart adds a brick. So, traders must need to know about the volatility. Some currency pairs are more volatile than others. And so, the traders should gain the proper knowledge which might help them to take the proper decision.

Line chart

The line chart is the basic chart in the Forex trading. People love to use it because of its simplicity. Traders need to understand the line chart to know about the price of the period. However, the simplicity of the line chart can help you to do the technical analysis properly.

Point and figure chart

Point and figure chart is just like the Renko chart. In terms of this, the trading platform uses the ATR to know the size of the distance. However, because of its trending predictability, traders love to use this.

So, by reading the article, you might get to know about the different types of charts. So, now you just need to learn to use them properly. If you can interpret these properly, you might become successful in the Forex market.