October 16, 2021

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Highlight on Howl-A-Working day Pet Vacation resort

Beth Stigleman, 55, co-owns Howl-A-Day Pet Resort in Homer Township, west of Midland, positioned close to the corner of Prairie and Homer streets. Howl-A-Day provides animal care, together with pet grooming, boarding, and day treatment. They also provide in-dwelling pet sitting down, serving canine, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, sugar gliders, chinchillas. It has boarded a large white farm duck and a hermit crab.

When thoroughly staffed, Stigleman has 12-15 staff members. Stigleman stated they check out to be the greatest conventional pet treatment facility in the region. At the peak of COVID very last year, they could only offer treatment to the animals of wellness treatment, crisis, and important personnel in crisis variety cases. Stigleman is effective with her spouse, Martin, at Howl-A-Working day. They’ve been married for 11 decades. They satisfied on-line when she was living in Ohio and he was in Indiana. Stigleman’s a graduate of Lincoln Superior University in Lincoln, Nebraska, and she attained a bachelor’s diploma in English at the College of Nebraska.

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