November 28, 2022

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Square’s 10-Year Deal to Make SoFi Stadium Cashless

Square’s 10-Year Deal to Make SoFi Stadium Cashless

Square Inc. has entered into a 10-year deal to provide cashless payment solutions for Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium. SoFi Stadium, which is the biggest venue in National Football, can now enjoy Square’s ecosystem of products/services for commerce and touchless payments at the checkout and purchase point. If you’re seeking information concerning this deal and a high risk merchant account, don’t leave the page. 

SoFi Stadium Going Cashless

Payments giant Square has signed a 10-year partnership with SoFi Stadium. The deal turns Square into the provider of exclusive POS (point-of-sale) payments, software, as well as merchant services for the stadium.

According to SoFi Stadium, the deal will result in a “multifaceted and dynamic approach” to the way merchants do commerce. Thanks to Square’s ecosystem of products/services, every checkout and purchase point at SoFi Stadium will start using new commerce and contactless payment solutions. 

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Square Providing Cashless Payment Processing

Thanks to Square’s POS and team management, users of the offered technology can gain access to the necessary information, such as bestselling items and busiest purchasing times. Moreover, users can enjoy API integrations that allow for service integration into all front-end fan experiences or back-end data systems.

Now, this unprecedented partnership with SoFi Stadium turns the payment giant into the venue’s new POS payments, software and merchant services provider․

Square’s 10-Year Cashless Payments Deal With SoFi Stadium 

Payments giant Square Inc. has entered into a 10-year partnership with SoFi Stadium. Square will be providing cashless payment services to the venue and help the stadium enjoy safe, speedy and reliable payment processing for guests. This will be a secure and streamlined experience. 

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